Rare Dodge Viper Gets A Physical Beating, Mustang Gets The Blame!

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Just yesterday, we shared with you a video of a Dodge Viper experiencing a crash when attempting to show off at a local car meet. It was painful for us to watch because the Viper is already considered as a rare car on the road and the manner of the crash was so stupid that it could’ve been avoided.

Crashing at car meets due to a stupid attempt at showing off is something that the Ford Mustang is famous for and it came to no surprise that the Viper’s crashing has relations to the mass-produced pony car.

It was indicated in an online forum that the owner of the Viper had just traded in his Mustang for the vehicle. This reveal led to many bashing the Mustang ‘DNA’ in the driver although most of the remarks made are more like jokes than pure criticism.

One individual won the forum when he quoted that “you can take the driver out of the Mustang but you can’t take the Mustang out of the driver”.