Razer Hops On The Automobile Train

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It looks like Razer is not only looking to enter the smartphone industry but they are also looking to dip their toes into the automobile industry.

Build by Nio, the new NIO ES6 Night Explorer Limited Edition model will be a merge between a Razer laptop and an electric SUV. Based on the released images, it looks like the vehicle will be getting the familiar neon green that Razer is known for along with the Chroma LED lighting.

Other features that will be included in this limited edition model is the Hue lighting as well as THX Spatial Audio. Powering it is a 544hp engine that will allow it to go from 0-60mph in 4.7 seconds. Of course, if you like what you see and is looking to get one, you might want to act fast as Nio, will only be making 88 units of these special limited edition model and it will only be sold in China.

The Nio ES6 Night Explorer Limited Edition will be sold for $67,419.