Renault Has Their Eyes Set On Nissan

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Renault will need to think out of the box if they want to continue to compete with the other automakers in the market and it looks like they are looking to do that with the help of Nissan.

According to the Financial Times, Renault is looking to merge with Nissan in the next 12 months. After the Carlos Ghosn incident, Renault, Nissan, and Mitsubishi will now have to come out with new plans for the future.

One of Renault’s plan is to have a full-fledged merger with Nissan as Jean-Dominique Senard, Renault chairman said they want it to happen as soon as possible. Once that is done, they are then looking to also merge with Fiat Chrysler.

It is still too early to say if any of these will happen for Renault or not so we will have to wait and see.