Renault ZOE Can Even Tear Apart 350hp Ford Focus RS

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Renault has finally unveiled the Zoe e-Sport and if you are thinking that the car is just another EV that is being dressed to impress, you are wrong. We say this because the upcoming Zoe is tailored for an insane performance that can leave you wishing for its entry here in the US.

Renault brought the Zoe e-Sport over to the Geneva Motor Show and its arrival didn’t get a lot of attention from the event-goers. That was the case until Renault picked up the microphone and jump straight forward into sharing on the performance which the Zoe is capable of.

The carmaker shared that the Zoe e-Sport is tailored for the tracks as it runs on an EV setup that can churn out 460hp. The powertrain can also allow the Zoe e-Sport to sprint from 0-62mph in an amazing 3.2 seconds.

This is a lot faster than what the iconic Ford Focus RS is capable of. The latter is already widely loved for its 4.6 seconds sprinting time but this is a lot slower than what the Zoe is capable of. Perhaps, it is also right to say that the Zoe e-Sport is tailored to give Tesla’s Ludicrous Mode a fight of its life.

But of course, production is still in its early stages hence it will be a while before we can see the Zoe e-Sport in action. Are you impressed?