Renault Zoe Can Prevent Tesla Model 3 Onslaught

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French-made vehicles are doing well over in Europe and this got many questioning if the likes of Renault and Peugeot can make it big in the US. It’s a tricky question and the answer is a straight out yes, provided that the car is the Renault Zoe.

The EV car has been running rampant over in Europe as it became the number one bestselling electric vehicle on a monthly basis on the trot. The numbers keep on inclining and the Zoe is not expected to slowdown until next year.

At this rate, the Zoe can really cause problems to the upcoming Tesla Model 3. The latter is currently the most anticipated EV right now and it has bagged over 300,000 pre-orders. For the EV market, that is a massive figure and it is also why we say the Zoe can rival the Model 3.

The success of the Renault Zoe also gives the upcoming Nissan Leaf far greater prospects. The next-gen Leaf and Zoe belongs in the same Alliance and both cars will need to complement one another if they wish to being down the Tesla Model 3. However, will the Zoe cross the Atlantic pond?