Resident Evil 2 Mod Will Have You Goosing Around

Resident Evil 2 on its own is pretty scary as it is but players looking for more can always check out all the various mods that has been uploaded for PCs.

One of the latest mods that have been getting some attention is the one from ZombiAli that actually replaces Mr.X with the goose from Untitled Goose Game. To make sure you know it is Mr. X, the goose was also given a fedora. The modder is still working on the mod right now but what we have now is already pretty entertaining.

While we often find the Goose annoying and funny, we are not sure you will feel the same way here when you encounter it in the hallways. Untitled Goose Game has been getting a lot of attention since its released on PC and Nintendo Switch this month.

Author: Staff Reporter

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