Rolls Royce Blackout Happening In July!

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Rolls Royce will be experiencing a major blackout in July this year. By blackout, we are referring to the black painted cars from Rolls Royce that will get launched in summer.

Rolls Royce revealed earlier today that they will be hosting the official launching of the blacked-out Ghost and Wraith Edition in July. The cars are targeted at consumers that prefer a mafia-like black luxury vehicle and also to the younger crowd.

The launching will take place in the city of London and we can’t wait to meet and greet the dark Rolls Royce then. The Wraith, in particular, promises a big upgrade as it looks to gain more horsepower and torque. We can expect the car to develop about 624hp and 642ft-lbs of torque when released.

As for the Ghost, the vehicle will continue to run on the 6.6L V12 engine but with the ability to generate 40hp and 44ft-lbs of torque more than what is offered today. Are you excited?