Rolls-Royce Ghost: Better Late Than Never

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The Rolls Royce Ghost was released back in 2009 and since its was release, the vehicle was never given a proper upgrade. There was the update a few years ago but that was more of a facelift but now after 10 years, it looks like Rolls Royce might finally be ready to give the Ghost the update it needs.

The Rolls-Royce Ghost was spotted out in the open and while it was still heavily covered in camo stickers, some of the changes can still be seen. The form still looks the same but the hood is complete new as the front wings bulge is not that prominent now. The front fascia design is also cleaner now.

The new model should also come with a few new tech inclidning some of the safety tech that the Phantom and Cullinan was offered with. On the inside, we are expecting to see the huge TFT display and safety features like collision warning, cross-trffic warning, active cruise control, lane change warning and more.

Under the hood should eb the 6.75 liter twin turbo V12 engine. The new model should making its debut next year.