Safety Tech Names Too Confusing

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Safety tech is becoming an important aspect of automobiles now and while it is nice to see automakers offering their vehicle with more standard safety features, the names of these techs are starting to get pretty messy.

According to AAA, one safety system might have a few other names. The worst system will be the automatic emergency braking which is said to have about 40 unique designations. The second system will be the adaptive cruise control and surround view camera both of which has 20 unique designations.

Other safety features like the lane-keep assist, blind spot warning, automatic high beams, rear cross traffice alrt and driver alertness warning all have a few unque designation.

AAA pointed out that it would just be better if automakers came together to work on some general terms for these safety features. While it might be nice to make it sound like they are offering something that the other automakers are not offering, at the end of the day, the users just want to know what they are getting and what they are not.