Scion S-FR Concept: Overdone Badass Styling Does Not Suggest 50MPG!

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There have been a lot of talks about Toyota planning to produce the recently unveiled Scion S-FR Concept. The word is that the S-FR will utilize the same powertrain that is used to power the all-new Prius and it will act as the hotter version of the weird-looking econobox.

The S-FR received a lot of attention at the LA Auto Show as it comes with a styling that is totally unexpected of Toyota. The vehicle features a wide, frowning mouth and a sporty body which makes it look awkwardly vicious and hot.

Knowing Toyota, they are allergic to producing hot cars with insane fuel economy. It simply does not tally well for them. Then again, the rumours have got a fair point since Toyota has been taking shelter from continuous criticism regarding the Prius’ design.

Of course, the wise thing to do would take the above with a grain of salt but if you are Toyota, would you agree to building the S-FR as a superb looking econobox?