Seat Ibiza Beats Polo In Some Field

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The Seat Ibiza will come riding on the MQB A0 platform which is the same platform that the Volkswagen Polo will also be riding on and while there is clearly some parts that could have been better, there were other parts that are actually better than what the Polo is offering right now.

According to CarWow, the Ibiza could be with better soundproofing, the ride was also pretty bumpy and the cheap plastic interior also makes it less appearing. Getting the base model would also mean that you will be missing out on a few key features like the automatic rear windows, the arm rest in between the front seats and more.

However, if you can look past that, there is still a lot to love about the Seat Ibiza. For starters, you won’t be complaining about the legroom and headroom fo the vehicle. It also comes with a huge boot. The FR trim model comes with an infotainment system with sat-nav.

The steering is performs great in corners. In fact, people were saying that it is better than the Polo. What do you think of the new Seat Ibiza.