Sedans Not Out Of The Picture Yet Thanks To Millenials

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It does feel like more automakers are already putting sedans aside as they work on offering more SUV, crossover and truck options to their consumers. Automakers like Ford have already announced that they will be taken sedans out of their lineup.

However, according to the latest study, sedans are not actually out of the picture yet. QuoteWizard suggests showing that millennials are now looking to get sedans based on the insurance quotation that they are asking for. Out of the top 10 vehicles that are popular among the millennials, only two are not sedans.

Some of the more common models include the Toyota Camry, Honda Civic, Nissan Altima an Honda Accord. It is believe that sedans are more popular among the millennials because sedans are in general cheaper than the other SUVs and crossovers out there.

It is also believe that millennials in the city don’t often buy expensive or huge vehicles as transportation is more convenient.