Seres EV Startup Pushes Back Their SUV Launch In US

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Things might not be looking to great at the sie of Seres as it was revealed that the startup has already laid off many of its staff in Silicon Valley and is also looking to push back the launch of their SF5 SUV model here int he US.

The Chinese company was supposed to launch their SF5 in the US this year but it looks like we might have to wait a little longer before we can see. According to an employee, the layout included staff from the sales, IT, marketing, design, HR, legal and operations department.

It was reported that the Chinese economy, as well as the trade war between China and the US, was one of the main reason why they decided to push back on the launch.

We all got to see the SF5 in April this year. They will be offering two models with the top of the range model coming in with a 90kWh battery pack to power its 684hp electric motor.