Should Ford Replace Number Pad Security Tech With Fingerprints?

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One of the best features on a vehicle from Ford is the number pad security. We have yet to come across an owner of a Ford with a number pad security that dislikes the feature. As a matter of fact, those we have spoken too are all calling the number pad as their favourite Ford feature.

Despite being a much loved tool, the number pad security is very old and new Ford adopters are asking for a change. Ford is also keen for a change based on their remarks on the number pad feature in recent years but they never made the bold move as they don’t want to upset their loyal supporters.

It cannot be helped as number pad security offers great convenience in the sense that the owner can remotely unlock the door of their vehicles to permit others entry all while leaving the keys in a drawer at home.

Should this feature get replaced with a fingerprint scanner, then it will take away the remote unlocking ability, something fans of the number pad wouldn’t be fond off.

Perhaps, the ideal way would be having fingerprint and number pad to co-exist thus giving users maximum flexibility and security. This is just our opinion on the matter, what’s yours?