Smart Looking To Join The Crossover War

Automakers were all fighting to get their crossover out there as soon as possible but for Smart, it felt like they did not want a part in it until now as new reports now suggest that the automaker could be working on a crossover of their own.

While it made sense that Smart did not want to be a part of it in the beginning since they are known to be the automaker to provide alternative options to those that do not want a big car but it looks like it is just too hard to resist since that is what their customers want.

Although the new model would be bigger than what they to offer now, it is not going to be a massive crossover either. We should see something around the size of the four-door Mini Hardtop.

Powering it should be a 78kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack that will allow it to have a driving range of up to 250miles. It is said that the vehicle will make its debut in 2022 before arriving in 2023.

Author: Staff Reporter

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