Sony Vision-S Concept Car Packs On The Sensors

Sony was at CES this year which is not that surprising since it is a tech company after all but what surprised us all was the fact that they were there to show off their new car concept.

Called the Sony Vision-S concept, the vehicle is an EV sedan model that was made to show off the slew of new tech that Sony has to offer from entertainment products to camera sensors and more.

The concept was fitted with an impressive 33 sensors inside and outside with multiple widescreen displays, 360 audio, always-on connectivity and more. Some of the tech featured in the concept came from BlackBerry and Boasch as well.

Sony also added that the EV platform which many believe came from Magna will be able to supposer other vehicle types as well like the SUVs.

Sony also unveiled their new PS5 logo during the event.

Author: Staff Reporter

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