Subaru BRZ tS Is Significantly Better Than Standard BRZ!

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The Subaru BRZ is a great affordable track car but it has been widely criticized for lacking enough power to wow the enthusiasts. Well, many have blamed this on Toyota which has prevented Subaru from upgrading the BRZ in a move to protect the 86.

Even if that is true, Subaru has never stopped looking at ways to improve on their sports car and they have been upgrading the vehicle’s handling as well as suspension setup over the years.

The best example of this is with the Subaru BRZ tS – a model that is equipped with track-tailored parts. Despite running on the same 4-cylinder engine, the BRZ tS can offer significant improvements to track times and this was proven today in Car&Driver’s Lightning Lap Challenge.

The car basically completed the road course with a timing that is a whopping 4.6 seconds faster than the original BRZ that was launched back in 2013. This is a respectable improvement made to the car and we have to give Subaru credits for it.