Subaru Factory Shut Down Over Defective Power-Steering

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Subaru’s car output in Japan will slow down significantly as Subaru reported that they had to stop the factory from operative because of a defective part.

The factory in Japan accounts for 60% of the global production but they had to shut down the factory after they discovered a defect in a component procured from a supplier. According to Asahi newspaper, the defect was found in the power steering component.

Subaru later explains that the problem that was affecting the Crosstreks and Foresters was discovered early on and that none of the affected models were delivered out and they will work on repairing it before delivering the vehicles to their customers. Out of all the cars made in that plant, only a small percentage were meant to be brought over to the US. Probably less than 10,000 units.

While production in Japan will be heavily affected, the production at their Indiana plant will not be affected by this.