Subaru STi vs Honda S2000: Mature Rivalry Brings Back NEMESIS Memories!

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Rivalries on a race track is as common as the Toyota Camry but most of them are built on that ‘healthy competition’ foundation. This even includes a rivalry involving the driver of a Subaru STi and a Honda S2000.

The two cars are already real rivals in the real world and this is why we are thrilled to see the drivers of the two cars going all-out to outdo each other at Gridlife last weekend.

A video of the track battle has since been released online and you will appreciate the maturity of the rivalry that brought out the driving skills of two individuals. It is the complete opposite of the video which showed a Porsche going up against a Ford Mustang on the track before things got rowdy.

The latter is a happening that comes with the label ‘NEMESIS’ and it was one of the biggest amateur racing rivalries in the automotive scene.