Suzuki Electrifying Presence In Tokyo

Some of the more interesting concepts at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show might have come from Suzuki as they showed off a few of their new concepts at the event.

To celebrate their 100th anniversary, the company has brought forward two special concepts that might look like they came from the past but has all the tech of the future.

The first concept that they showed off was the Waku Spo concept which is a plug-in hybrid concept that is inspired by the 60s Japanese cars. It was given a squared-off fender flare and a charming set of round headlights in the front along with chrome trim and also a fender-mounted rearview camera. The nice part about the concept is that most of the body and interior parts of the concept can be switched out so even if you don’t like what you see here, you can always tweak it.

The other concept is called the Hanare which translates to the cottage. As the name would suggest, the automaker wanted the vehicle to feel like a home. For privacy, the vehicle was given small slender windows on the top giving it a rather quirky design.

What do you think of these concepts from Suzuki?

Author: Staff Reporter

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