Tesla: 9% Of Workforce Faces The Axe!

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If you are looking for a simple job at an automotive assembly plant, you should cross Tesla off your list because the company has a shaky workforce. In other words, there is no certain way to predict how long you will last working at the Gigafactory.

Just today, it was reported that 9% of workers at Tesla’s Gigafactory has been handed a dismissal and this is really huge. It doesn’t help knowing that Tesla is still a young company hence seeing it laying off its workers this early-on is a bad sign.

It is unsure on what led Tesla into making such drastic decisions. The company’s ego will probably refuse admitting to internal problems and it would prefer the term AI being able to handle production better.

On the other hand, Tesla’s last quarterly report suggests that the volume which they are in right now does not tally well with the size of their workforce. There is also that allegation where workers are unhappy with the working conditions at the Gigafactory.

With all that in mind, the layoff is to be expected and it may force Tesla into a slowdown in the production of vehicles. If you have purchased the Model 3, you should check again to see when you will get your car delivered.