Tesla Almost Become Part Of Apple

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Talks about Apple thinking about putting their feet into the automobile industry has been going on for some time now. Although Apple has not really said anything official, the rumor now is that Apple wanted to buy Tesla.

According to CNBC, Apple placed a bid for Tesla back in 2013 for around $240 a share which is actually more than Tesla’s current share which was last recorded to be at $197.76.

A few years ago, there were also talks about Apple talking to Elon Musk but nothing came from that. It was said that Apple wanted Elon Musk to step away from Tesla but Musk was not ready to do that at that point.

Since Apple is not willing to say anything, we can only take a guess based on new rumors and speculations with the latest news suggesting that they have given up trying to release an electric vehicle of their own but have instead moved to developer an autonomous driving system.