Tesla Autopilot Not To Blame For 2019 Crash

NHTSA is looking into the 2019 crash where the driver of the Tesla Model 3 was killed after it slammed into a semi-trailer in Florida.

According to the report, the truck driver was at fault for failing to wild to the vehicle while the Model 3 driver’s attentiveness and reliance on the Autopilot also contributed to the crash.

However, the agency also chastised Tesla for not limiting the use of Autopilot to the conditions that it is designed for. They also release the image of the truck obscuring the road before the Model 3 stuck it on the side.

investigation showed that the vehicle was going about 69miles per hour at the time of the crash and that the driver did not apply the brakes or take any evasion action to avoid the truck. The Autopilot was also operating and was switched on 10 seconds before the impact.

Author: Staff Reporter

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