Tesla Autopilot On Winding Road Is Not For The Faint-Hearted

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Tesla’s Autopilot has created more controversies in recent years than any other things in the automotive scene but we can still commend the system for handing self-driving technology a big push.

Autopilot today can allow the likes of Model S, Model X and Model 3 to self-drive on the highway although it still requires the aid of a driver to takeover whenever a potential crash is detected.

Still, running Autopilot on the freeway is now a norm for owners of the aforementioned EVs and it’s good to see that they are being more responsible with the system. But when on the narrow winding roads of the mountains, you may not want to rely on Autopilot at all.

An owner of a Tesla car did just that and his ‘drive-through’ video shows how scary it can get to navigate through mountain roads with Autopilot. The system offers no confidence at all and we can feel the tech smoking its brains out in ensuring that the car remains in-lane and at appropriate speed.

We don’t know about you but the clip looks scarier than a roller-coaster ride. You can see it for yourself below.