Tesla Autopilot Will Not Need Drivers To Switch Lane

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We can expect to see more and more advancement when it comes to autopilot tech in the automobile industry as automakers continue to work on new features and tech.

The latest update that Tesla will be offering their Tesla users will e the new lane changing features. According to Tesla, the new feature will automaticlaly change lane when it feels like it is neccessary. If that is not want the driver wants, it can cancel it.

This feature was added to help drivers in slower traffic so that you can change to a faster lane and get to your detination faster. There are a few different setting that the driver can choose from.

So how safe is this? Well, Tesla added that they have over 500,000 miles of testing data on this new feature and has deemed that it is safe to use as the vehicle will only make the change if it detects that the driver hand is on the wheel.

The update should be rolling out to all Tesla with the Enchanced Autopilot.