Tesla Buyers Can Stop Worrying About Their Federal Tax Credit

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Those that booked the Tesla models were of course hoping that Tesla will deliver their vehicle before the end of this year so that they can take advantage of the full $7500 federal tax credit but as we all know, getting Tesla to deliver their vehicles fast and on-time has always been an issue for them.

To reassure their customers, Tesla has now announce that they are trying their best to deliver as many vehciles out as they can. For those that can’t take the delivery before this year ends, Tesla did promise earlier this year that those that placed an iorder before the 15th of October would get their vehicles by the end of the year.

To show their customers how sincere they are, Elon Musk tweeted that tesla will also cover the tax credit difference if they don’t get their vehicles before the end of the year.

Musk also added that all mid-range Model 3 orders will be delviered by the end of the year.