Tesla Cybertruck Too Big To Store

New and upcoming SUVs like the Lamborghini Urus and Tesla Cybertruck looks very impressive mainly because of the size of the vehicle. While it is nice to drive around in something so massive, buyers are also finding that they will now have to part it outside of their garage as these models are getting too big for the conventional garage.

According to some reports, even some fo the trucks like the Ford F-150 Lariat will not fit in most garages with this 6.5-foot bed while the Ford F-250 Super Cab would not fit at all.

With that, some owners will just have to be content with parking their vehicles in the driveaway or on the street but for those that do not want to do that, the size of the vehicle could seriously be a reason why they do not get the vehicle and this looks like it might be a problem that will be there for some time as automakers continue to work on larger vehicles to satisfy their customers.

Author: Staff Reporter

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