Tesla Don’t Want Owners To Hog Stations

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Unlike gasoline-powered models that can be filled up in minutes, electric vehicles take forever to change up. Even with all the new fast-charging test, it will still take longer than the standard model but Tesla is hoping that this new method will help speed things along.

Tesla has instituted charging limitation on some of the more popular charging stations. The vehicle will only be allowed to charge up to 80%. This was revealed after a leaked internal memo was circulated online.

According to the memo, about 17% of Tesla’s Supercharger stations will be affected and that out of those, 8% will have the limits enforced at all times while the other 9% will be limited on selected times like holidays.

Tesla’s website did state that their chargers were designed to fill up the vehicles fast but slow down when it gets closer to full maybe this new limitation would help speed things up. Some reports also claim that those routed to a station by the trip planner will not be limited to 80% charge.