Tesla Model 3 Almost Ready For Europe

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Tesla offered the Tesla Model 3 to European buyers that were ready to put down a $1000 reservation fees last year and now the order book will be open to all.

Of course, not all models will be available yet as Tesla will only be taking orders for the Long Range Battery and the Performance version of the Tesla Model 3 and depending on the region, the Tesla Model 3 will be sold at a different price. In France, the Lang Range Model 3 will retail for €53,500 while in Italy, it will retail for €59,600. Europe is not the only market Tesla is looking at.

Tesla also announces that they will be delivering their Tesla Model 3 to China this year as well. the trade tension between China and the US has made things harder for automakers like Tesla. Tesla is also looking to build a $2 billion plant in Shanghai called the Gigafactory. The Tesla Model 3 is expected to arrive in China with a 499,000 yuan price tag.