Tesla Model 3 Base Model Packs A Bigger Punch Now

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Now that the base Tesla Model 3 is here, Tesla is working on giving the vehicle more power with a software update.

According to the reports, the Tesla Model 3 will be given a software update that will give a vehicle a 5% boost in power output. Of course, the entry-level model is not the only one that will be getting the update as the other Model 3 options will also be getting the software update.

Owners have already started receiving the update notice from Tesla and based on the message that they are getting, the update seems to be offering more than just a power boost.

They were also informed that they can now initiate the Summon function using their key fob. Model 3 owners will also be happy to know that the update will come with the Sentry Mode as well whcih will help owners look after their vehicle when it is parked.

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  1. kent beuchert

    April 2, 2019 at 8:49 am

    One has to wonder why Tesla is so enamored with selling speed – speed kills.
    Volvo is limiting the topo speed of its cars to 110MPH, while Tesla allows their goofball owners (riding in the back seat with autopilot engaged) to run the car at more tha twice the legal limit. Tesla talks safety but sells speed and acceleration to their Walter Mitty owners.