Tesla Model 3: Delivery Is The Issue Now

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With federal tax credit dropping to half in the beginning of 2019, Tesla have been urging consumers to secure themselves a Tesla Model 3 before that happens to save more but it looks like Tesla is also having issues delivering out these vehicles.

According to Electrek, Tesla delivered some of the Tesla Model 2 at the end of the year but that they had over 3000 more left in their inventory and it would be almost impossible for them to go through the whole inventory before the year ends.

Tesla previosuly stated that they will be trying their best to make sure that those that ordered the Tesla Model 3 before the 20th of December to get their cars delivered by the 31st of December but we don’t think that is possible anymore.

Elon Musk did promise that they will be reimbursing their customers on tax credit if they got their cars late because of Tesla’s delivery delays. Seeing as they have about 3000 more units that has not been delivered, this delay could cause Tesla about $11million.