Tesla Model 3 Drops EV Range For A Reason

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Incentives to own EV models are great but with what we have now, some people think that the guidelines seem to benefit the wealthy more. Canada tried to even it out by requiring EV models with six or fewer seas to have a base price lower than $45,000 CAD if they want to be eligible for the $5000 CAD incentive.

The rule was put in place mainly to prevent luxury car buyers from taking advantage of it but Tesla seems to have found a way around it. Tesla has recently released a new entry-level Tesla Model 3 model.

The vehicle came with a $44,999 price tag and offers only 93miles. While the price looks attractive, the range is a little too low but it does make it eligible for the $5000 incentives.

That means the Model 3 Standard Range Plus can now be eligible for the $5000 incentives as well. To make sure their customers don’t pick the new base model as a mistake, you can only order it at dealerships while the Standard Range Plus model will remain as the cheapest option online.