Tesla Model 3 For China Cheaper But More Expensive

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Tesla will not be offering their China-made Tesla Model 3 soon and they have announced the new price tag for the model which is in general cheaper than what Tesla has been offering in China but still a lot more expensive than what we are getting here in the US.

With the Chinese manufactured Tesla Model 3, the vehicle will be sold for 328,000 yuan which is about $47,523 which is a lot higher than what we are paying for here but do keep in mind that the Model 3 is now 49,000 yuan cheaper than the imported version.

The entry-level Tesla Model 3 in China will be offering about 286miles. Tesla is also working on building a new Chinese Gogafactory near Shanghai where the Model 3 will be produced. The Tesla Model Y will also be built at the same plant when it is ready.

Tesla also plans to start introducing their V4 Superchargers in China before 2019 ends.