Tesla Model 3 Inches Closer To $35K Price Tag

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Tesla have been talking about how the Tesla Model 3 would be the cheapest model from them with a $35K price tag for the longest time and while we have not seent he $35K model yet, Tesla is certainly getting closer to that goal as they further reduce the price of their Tesla Model 3.

According to the company’s website, the Tesla Model 3 price will start from $42,900 which is $1100 cheaper than before. Tesla had to cut about 7% of their workforce to trim cost.

The cheapest model will now be a rear wheel drive Tesla Model 3 with black exterior. This will be the only color option as getting any of the other color would rise the price of the veicle. The vehicle will be fitted with the lower-range battery pack which will allow the vehicle to offer about 265miles of range per change.

This price does not include the federal and state tax credits. The current federal credit is at $3750 and will expire at the end of this year.