Tesla Model 3 Late For Its First Delivery

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Tesla announce that they were going to start delivering the entry-level Tesla Model 3 this month but it looks like it might not happen as planned.

After the long wait for the $35K base model, their customers probably can’t wait to get their hands on it but they will have to wait a little longer now. Some owners reported that they got text messages from Tesla infomring them that their vehicles will be delayed.

The message also said that they will have to reschedule the appointment date and that they will reach out to their customers to arrange a better delivery timing. While not new date was given, the online Tesla accounts for some owners states that deliveries will start in six to eight weeks time.

Tesla have not said anything abuot this issue yet but let’s hope it does not drag on until July as buyers are hoping to get it before the EV tax credit gets reduced even further.