Tesla Model 3 Looking At Leasing As Solution

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It looks like Tesla might be looking at leasing as a way to further boost the sales of their Tesla Model 3. This news came after what looked like a leaked employee email describing the plans of the leasing program.

Actually to the email, Tesla might be working on a leasing program that they plan to announce and start in a few weeks time. Tesla later responded by saying that the email is authentic but they did not give us anymore information about the progeam.

They did add that the program will start after teh dates mentioned in the email. We are actually not that surprise that Tesla is going down that route since Tesla has been talking leasing their Model 3 to booast sales for some time now but they have always seems relunctant to do it until now.

Although the Model 3 has been announced with a $35 price tag since the beginning, no such model has been offered yet.