Tesla Model 3: Missing Dashboard Gives Leaf The Advantage

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We can already confirm that the Tesla Model 3 won’t feature a standard dashboard as the car prefers having just a steering wheel and a large slate embedded on the center console. There are no meters available and these hints on a complete digital experience with the Model 3.

For Tesla, this is the way forward for cars as they feel that cars need to embrace modern technologies and escape the traditional way of doing things. While this may get a strong reception from tech lovers, the majority of the response made for the Model 3 has been negative.

The car fans simply don’t see the efficiency of relying on a large slate for information as that would mean having to take their eyes of the road. With the Model 3 expecting to compete fiercely with the next-gen Leaf, the absence of a standard dashboard may put it at a disadvantage on the sales front.

Even Nissan see this as an opportunity to further raise the hype surrounding the next-gen Leaf. Nissan released a new teaser image of the Leaf’s interior and it saw the application of a virtual cockpit that works similarly to the ones from Audi.

But of course, whether this is enough to push the Leaf ahead of the Model 3 is a question that remains to be answered.

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