Tesla Model 3 Nealy Took Tesla Down With It

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We knew that Tesla had a hard time with the Tesla Model 3 from the start but what we did not know what that the company was actually on the verge of running out of cash because of all the problems they had with the Tesla Model 3.

According to Elon Musk, Tesla was bleeding money and that if they did not solve the problem sooner, they could have died. He explains that the problems with the Model 3 production were difficult and he had to work seven days a week including sleeping in the factory.

The problem stems from Tesla overestimating their ability to mass produce the Tesla Model 3 which resulted in bottlenecks that got worst every week. Luckily, this ended up working out for them on the production end. There is still issues with the delivery logistic but it looks like Tesla is recovering and we can continue to look forward to seeing more electric models coming from Tesla including the next affordable SUV model.