Tesla Model 3 Not One You Can Rely On?

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Consumer Reports did a new survey for the Tesla Model 3 to determine the reliability of the vehicle as well as the overall customer satisfaction over the Tesla Model 3.

According to the survey results which was conducted with the help of more than 500 Tesla Model 3 owners, the Tesla Model 3 has a relatively high number of reliability complains. Some of the more common issues that were mentioned include body hardware, paint, in-car infotainment system, and buggy electronics package.

The model owned by Consumer Reports also had a broken rear window that seems to also be a common issue for a lot of the Model 3 owners. All this ended up with Consumer Reports removing the Recommended rating for the Tesla Model 3.

Consumers Reports did remove the rating one other time last year after reports of inconsistent braking performance but gave the Tesla Model 3 the rating back after they fix the issue with an OTA update.

Despite all the issues, the owners still gave Tesla top marks in term of owner satisfaction which is odd since most of the time, the satisfaction level will suffer along with its reliability.