Tesla Model 3 Performance: Lap Verdict Saved By The Weather!

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Tesla was loud in singing praises for the all-new Model 3 Performance. The carmaker even claimed that the Model 3 Performance is capable of fetching impressive timings around a lap.

This has got many curious to see how well the Model 3 Performance performs because there have yet to be a car from Tesla that can race around a lap like a traditional sports car.

The lads at Road&Track were ahead of things as they managed to sent out the Model 3 Performance to a private track for an in-depth performance test. The happening saw the testers bringing out a detailed review on the EV but unfortunately, no lap times were provided.

This is due to the Model 3 Performance’s lap run that got disrupted by a sudden storm. While the car did proceed to complete some laps, the testers decided against timing the run.

It basically means that we have to wait longer before we can put a verdict on the Model 3 Performance. Until then, you can check out the full review of the car here for an idea of how good it is.