Tesla Model 3: Pre-Orders & Canada Slots EV Behind Honda Accord!

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“Knock, knock, knocking on Toyota’s doors.” This is probably the lyrics to Tesla’s new tune after witnessing the Model 3 approaching sales volume that is close to the cars from Honda and Toyota.

Tesla’s Q3 statement confirms that the Model 3 nearly 60,000 units here in North America and this is only short of what the Honda Accord has achieved in the US.

The significant incline in numbers is impressive but you should know that there are two factors that helped the Model 3 into achieving an illustrious figure. The first if with the numbers including sales of the Model 3 in Canada.

The second is with the backdated orders for the Model 3 which have finally showed delivery progress. In other words, the superb Q3 sales performance of the Model 3 consists of waiting customers instead of new customers.

With that being said, we should wait until 2019 before we can truly see how good the Model 3 sells on a quarterly basis. By then, most pending orders will be fulfilled thus giving us a more accurate look at the EV.