Tesla Model 3: Price Cut Suggest Trouble?

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Tesla announces that they will be cutting the price of their Tesla models this week which is nice for those still looking to get themselves a Tesla but some people are suggesting that there might be more to the price cut.

Soon after the announcement was made, Tesla Inc shares dropped about 9% as people were concern about the future profitability of the vehicle. This was after Tesla also failed to complete their Model 3 quarterly deliveries.

There were speculations that the price cut might suggest that the demand for the Tesla Model 3 has started slowing down and this is Tesla’s way to clear off some of their models. There were others who think that the price cut was nothing major and that Tesla would have cut down the prices even more if they really had a demand issue.

The announcement revealed that besides the Model 3, the Model S and Model X will also be getting the $2000 price cut