Tesla Model 3 Quality Still Questionable?

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When Tesla first started delivering their Tesla Model 3, there were a few reports about the vehicle’s quality being lower than what the customers has expected. Tesla has since address most of the issue and the newer models are said to be better now but that is not the case accoring to Jason Fenske.

The owner posted a video on YouTuve to show us his new Model 3. Some of the issues he noticed was the scratches and imperfeactios on the red paintjob despote the fact that the vehicle has only 22miles on the odometer.

He also measured the body panel gaps and reported that there were more inconsistencies betweent he driver side and passenger side compared to models from Subaru.

We do not know if this is just his model and that he got unlucky or if this is something that most new Tesla Model 3 owners can expect to see on their new vehicle.

You can check out the vehicle below.