Tesla Model 3 Remove Base Battery Option?

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One of the biggest selling point for the Tesla Model 3 from the start was that it was going to come in as the cheapest Tesla model that we can get. The $35K price tag was constantly mentioned by Tesla but up until now, we have not actually seen the base model.

Tesla initially announces that it will be arriving in 2018 but that has been pushed back a few times and now, it was reported that Tesla has removed the base model from their website and configurator.

Before this, the standard battery was listed on their website and configurator as arriving in “four to six months” but that is no longer the case. The only battery options listed now is the Mid Range Battery, Long Range Battery and Performance version of the Tesla Model 3.

This lead many to speculate that Tesla might not be releasing the base model. We have not heard from Tesla yet but are hoping that this is not the case.