Tesla Model 3, S & X Now In Its Final Hours Of Full Tax Incentive

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Once the clock strikes 12 midnight, prices of the cars from Tesla will increase to a new high and this is due to the exhausted government’s EV tax incentive program.

Names like the Model 3, Model S and Model X will basically become ineligible for the $7,500 discount and the move will commence on October 16 tomorrow.

The only good news here is that the tax incentive program won’t cease instantaneously. It will instead get phased out in the pace of 6 months and in a highly attractive fashion.

We say so because the tax rebate won’t be gone completely. At midnight tonight, the Model 3, Model S and Model X will be obtainable with a lowered tax incentive of $3,750.

This means that you will get a discount of $3,750 instead of $7,500 with your purchase – about half of the previous incentive value. The new discount will last for 6 months before expiring completely.