Tesla Model 3 Will Let You Charger Wirelessly With A Price

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There are always ways for you to upgrade your in-car experience with the Tesla Model 3 with the latest being a wireless charging pad for your devices.

Tesla announce that they will be offering a new in-car wireless phone charging pad for the Telsa Model 3. The charger is available for orders right now and is compatible with any phones that support Qi. These include some of the popular devices like the Apple iPhone 8 and above, the Samsung Galaxy S7 and above and the new Google Picel 3 and 3XL.

The charging pad will be sold for $125 which is pretty expensive for a charging pad since we have already seen some other third party products that does the same but is a lot cheaper than what Tesla is offering.

If you place an order now, the shipping will take about two to three weeks. Based on the portable wireless phone charger, you might want to place an order for this now as it might get sold out fast.