Tesla Model B To Be The Name Of Upcoming EV Truck?

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Tesla has made it pretty clear that they will be working on a new Tesla truck model but what they have not revealed so far was the name of the upcoming EV model.

Well, some people think the latest tweet by Elon Muck might hold the key. Over the weekend, the CEO of Tesla posted a few tweets. The first one was the image of Teletubbies with the caption Teletub and a bee emoji. Then he posted an image of Queen Elizabeth II with the caption Queen and the bee emoji once more.

Another tweet describes the difference between a British Bee and a US Bee. Tesla fans have since started speculating on what these tweets mean. While some people might not think there is much to it, others think that it could be the name of their upcoming EV truck although it does not really fit in with the ‘S3XY’ range.

It is said that the Tesla pickup truck will be unveiled in three months time so we should be learning more about it soon.