Tesla Model S: $30K-Off Controversy Signaling On Refresh Model?

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Tesla was caught in yet another controversy last month when they fired an employee for sending an email that indicates on a $30,000 discount with purchase of either the Model S or the Model X.

The controversy has gotten a lot more confusing today as the discounts are true but being referred to something else. With Elon Musk being against negotiations and discounts, Tesla has decided to call it showroom discounts that will involve their test vehicles.

This whole incident got many speculating on a financial struggle which Tesla is facing. On the other hand, it could just be a big signal of a refreshed Tesla Model S coming out next year.

Tesla has subliminally slashed the price of their cars before and it often leads to the release of a refreshed model. Some examples would include the transition from P85D to P90D, to P100D.

If this is to indicate anything, a newer and fresher Model S is on the cards hence the need to clear the current inventory through discounts. But of course, this is just purely a prediction from our end. We would love to hear your thoughts on it.