Tesla Model S 75D vs Jaguar I-Pace: Which Is Fastest?

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The all-new I-Pace marks Jaguar’s first attempt at a pure EV and the vehicle has received plenty of praises since it debuted a couple of months ago. This cannot be avoided as the I-Pace offers great value for a luxury vehicle.

But in our eyes, the positives on the I-Pace is owed to the Tesla Model S. The rival car is tagged with the label luxury, even when it doesn’t come with a traditional, illustrious and high-quality cabin. So when Jaguar offer just that on the I-Pace with a lower opening price, it’s only natural for the crowd to see value in the vehicle.

In terms of performance however, the I-Pace does not have the ability to outpace a Model S P100D. But if you’re to look into a trim that is more comparable in both pricing and performance, you will see the I-Pace being a direct competitor for the Model S 75D.

Today, a video of both cars tussling it out on the drag strip has surfaced online and you can see the faster car below.