Tesla Model S: 90kWh Going Extinct With Upcoming 100kWh Batteries

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When someone mentions Tesla Model S, the first thing that comes to our mind is the P90D with Ludicrous Mode. The P90D relies on a 90kWh batteries and it can sprint on the drag strip like any other super car.

Well, if you think that 90kWh is the best EV setup in the world today, you may need to check again because the battery unit is about to get replaced entirely. Tesla has already teased on the development of 100kWh batteries and it has been approved for use by the Dutch government.

This means that the 100kWh batteries are not far away from making its debut and it will be offered with the Model S P100D. When the P100D arrives, it will have a driving range of 381 miles. This is about 70 miles more than what is offered by the P90D. We can’t wait for it.